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Lapel Pins

Pin it to Win it: Promote Your Brand With Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins are a fantastic and cost-effective way to promote your brand or organization. They are high-quality, made to the highest standards, and shipped directly from the factory for fast delivery. These pins can be used as branding tools or gifts, making them a versatile option for businesses looking to expand their reach.

Lapel pins are cost-effective promotional items that can last a lifetime. They are inexpensive to purchase, typically under a couple of dollars, and are made to last. Therefore, the cost per use or observation is only a small fraction of a cent. Additionally, lapel pins have a physical appeal and an inherent emotional content that promotes the real value of the message they carry.

There are hundreds of ways custom lapel pins can be manufactured, and a wide range of materials can be used. From years of service pins that reward loyal staff, to membership pins for community organizations and sports clubs, ordering lapel pins directly from a manufacturer is an affordable and stylish way to show your allegiance and authority. Overall, custom lapel pins are an excellent way to promote your brand or organization and are a cost-effective and long-lasting promotional item.

Some Popular Lapel Pins

15x15mm Die Struck Antique Lapel Pin
Promotional 15x15mm Die Struck Antique Lapel Pins are the ultimate choice for discerning biker clubs.
from $6.50 to $1.55 ea
50 min.
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20x20mm Die Struck Antique Lapel Pin
Personalised 20x20mm Die Struck Antique Lapel Pins, available in a variety of shapes to suit your theme perfectly.
from $6.56 to $1.61 ea
50 min.
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25x25mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pin
Welcome your guests with Ethnic style Custom 25x25mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pins that exude an opulent aura.
from $6.61 to $1.67 ea
50 min.
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30x30mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pin
Add the missing piece to your marketing strategy with Customised 30x30mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pins.
from $6.67 to $1.73 ea
50 min.
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35x35mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pin
35x35mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pins are delightful addition to any pet shop's promotional arsenal.
from $6.73 to $1.78 ea
50 min.
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40x40mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pin
Unlock the star-studded potential of your promotions with Personalised 40x40mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pins.
from $6.79 to $2.24 ea
50 min.
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45x45mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pin
Custom 45x45mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pins are perfect for charitable organisations and fundraising causes.
from $6.84 to $2.53 ea
50 min.
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50x50mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pin
Capture the essence of your special event with our Customised 50x50mm Die Struck High Polish Lapel Pins.
from $6.90 to $2.59 ea
50 min.
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Lapel Pins For Promotions

Custom lapel pins are one of the oldest types of promotional items available, and they are still popular today for a good reason - they work! At Promotionsonly, we offer the seven most popular types of lapel pins: soft enamel, die-struck iron, printed, die-struck sandblast, die-struck high polish, die-struck antique and imitation cloisonne. Whether you're looking to customise your lapel pins with club, company, or event details, we've got you covered.

We understand that searching for custom lapel pins can seem overwhelming, with so many different types available. That's why we've provided a guide below to help simplify the process. With just a few minutes of your time, you can read our guide and shop with confidence, knowing that you're buying the right custom pin for your needs.

When you click on our product images, the costs you see include the pin and decoration. Our team is always available to assist you with your order, so please don't hesitate to give us a call at any time on 0800 776661.

And if you're looking for medallions instead of lapel pins, we can help with that too!

7 Best Styles Of Lapel Pins

Here is our list of styles of lapel pins and what each one means. If it still doesn't make sense, give us a call or send an email and we'll help you pick the right one for your promotion

Printed Lapel Pins: These are our cheapest option. If your artwork features many colour gradients or if you prefer not to have thin metal lines separating your text and colours, printed lapel pins are an ideal choice. Your design is first printed onto paper and then affixed to a slim metal pin, which is protected by an epoxy dome. This is an affordable and high-quality option that offers exceptional colour reproduction.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins: Die-struck enamel pins are an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative to cloisonne pins. These pins are created by striking a die onto a metal surface and then filling in each section with enamel colours by hand. The pins can be plated in gold, silver, or bronze, and can also have raised metal surfaces. Die-struck enamel pins are perfect for designs that require clear colour separation and simplistic designs, and the finished result boasts superb colours.

Imitation Cloisonne Lapel Pins: Our Imitation Cloisonne Lapel Pins offer an affordable option that doesn't compromise on quality. Unlike traditional cloisonne pins, these pins are made using brass and resin enamel colours that are carefully syringed into die-struck sections by hand. After being baked at 160 degrees and polished, they have a smooth and durable finish. While they may not be made using the traditional cloisonne technique, these lapel pins still deliver a high-quality product at a more affordable price point. Furthermore, all of the enamel colours used are lead-free and can be matched to specific PMS colours, providing a wide range of options for your custom design.

Die-Struck Antique Lapel Pins: These lapel pins have a striking antique appearance that makes them ideal for recognizing service. They are crafted using a die-striking method that leaves recessed areas dark while the raised metal portions are hand polished to a lighter shade. The entire pin is then washed with an antique finish, available in your choice of brass, silver, gold (with additional costs for gold plating), or copper.

Die-Struck High Polish Lapel Pins: Highly polished lapel pins made through die-striking give off an expensive appearance and texture, making them a perfect fit for simple designs. In contrast to sandblasting, these pins feature recessed and raised metal sections that are both polished to a high finish, enhancing their perceived value.

Die-Struck Sandblast Lapel Pins: The Die-Struck Sandblast Lapel Pins provide a luxurious finish and a high-quality appearance. The sandblasting process creates a striking contrast between the raised and recessed sections of the pin, with the raised areas polished to a brilliant shine and the recessed areas having a textured, matte finish. These lapel pins are a popular choice for clubs and associations to include in membership kits or to give as recognition awards for long service.

Die-Struck Iron Lapel Pins: Die-struck iron lapel pins are made from high-grade steel and brass plated to achieve a stunning finish. The design is stamped onto the steel through a die-struck process, allowing for the addition of bright and lustrous enamel colours which are then baked in a kiln for a high-quality finish. For an even better result, you can choose to enhance these lapel pins with a polished finish or by adding an epoxy dome.

At PromotionsOnly, our team is dedicated to assisting you with your Custom Lapel Pin order. We are always available to help, so don't hesitate to call us at 0800 776661 or send us an email at