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Torches, multi-tools and pocket knives are just some of the handy promotional tools you can find in this section.

Tools and hardware are a fantastic corporate gift idea for hands-on industries and marketing campaigns. Whether you are after a simple measuring tape or a multi-tool packed with features, you'll be able to find it in this section of the PromotionsOnly NZ website.

Every handyman will tell you the importance of having the right tool so if your customers can think of you every time they reach for one, your promotional budget will have been well spent.

Some Popular Tools & Hardware Items

Aluminium Compact Torch
Aluminium Compact Torch provides is compact but provides a lot of light.
from $9.83 to $7.11 ea
50 min.
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LED Pocket Torch
LED Pocket Torches are a fine looking promotional aluminium torch perfect as a client gift.
from $8.97 to $7.43 ea
100 min.
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Versatile Multi Tool
Versatile Multi Tools are ideal for the automotive or DIY industries.
from $29.33 to $23.61 ea
50 min.
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