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Promotional Umbrellas Can Make Your Company Stand Out in New Zealand's Wet Climate

We get a lot of rain in New Zealand and Promotional umbrellas are a valuable tool for any company, providing protection and security from the elements while also spreading brand awareness. The large-scale custom branding and flexibility of use make them a must-have item. With a central shaft and several ribs holding the canopy in place, these umbrellas can be customized with a company logo and given away as gifts for marketing purposes.

Whether it's rain or shine, custom-printed golf umbrellas are an excellent addition to any golf day, with a larger canopy diameter and straight body for easy storage in a golf bag. They pair nicely with other branded golf merchandise and offer protection on the green.

The value of promotional umbrellas is often overlooked until the rain starts coming down. But the imagery of protection, forward thinking, and defense make them a powerful advertising tool. Anytime the skies get cloudy, your advertising message will pop up in force as the umbrellas your clients and contacts hold start "singing in the rain."

Some Popular Umbrellas

Ascot Umbrella
Branded Ascot Umbrellas are 59cm boast an 8-panel design, automatic opening, and a resilient 190T pongee canopy.
from $17.82 to $13.55 ea
25 min.
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Blizzard Umbrella
In the unpredictable British weather, Branded Blizzard Umbrellas stand as essential shields against the elements.
from $26.23 to $20.20 ea
25 min.
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Cambridge Umbrella
Printed Cambridge Umbrellas are made with a robust 190T showerproof polyester canopy and a matching carry sleeve.
from $13.35 to $10.43 ea
25 min.
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Full Colour Folding Umbrella
Step into the world of Custom Full Colour Folding Umbrellas – your vibrant shield against dreary days!
from $51.46 to $26.04 ea
50 min.
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Heather Umbrella
Step out in style with the Printed Heather Umbrellas, a chic accessory in a sophisticated shade of grey.
from $16.66 to $13.16 ea
25 min.
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Lotus Solid Colour Umbrella
Branded Lotus Solid Colour Umbrellas feature an automatic opening mechanism and come with 8 durable panels.
from $21.28 to $16.41 ea
25 min.
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Squall Invertor Umbrella
Printed Squall Invertor Umbrellas feature a dual-layer Pongee canopy and are conveniently packaged in bulk.
from $35.13 to $28.85 ea
25 min.
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Swiss Peak Traveller Umbrella
Promotional Swiss Peak Traveller Umbrellas offer automatic opening and closing, ensuring hassle-free use.
from $34.75 to $25.54 ea
25 min.
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VentureMax Sports Umbrella
VentureMax Sports Umbrellas offer an automatic opening mechanism, provide instant shelter at the touch of a button.
from $26.49 to $20.92 ea
25 min.
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Options For Branding Your Promotional Umbrella

When it comes to branding umbrellas, there are many options available. The standard choices for canopy branding include screen printing or digital transfers, but there are also unique and creative options that can make your umbrella stand out. At PromotionsOnly we've compiled a list of the top five promotional umbrella alternative branding options:

  1. Inner canopy printing: This is an essential branding option for promotional umbrellas. By adding your logo and contact details to the inside of the umbrella, you can ensure that your branding is visible at all times and make your logo umbrellas even more special.
  2. Handle decals: Adding a decal to the handle of your branded umbrellas can add a touch of elegance and polish. It also helps your logo umbrellas stand out and reinforces your company name or logo.
  3. Printed Tie Wrap: Printed tie wraps provide a subtle way to brand your promotional umbrellas without overwhelming the design. It's an ideal choice for those who want to make their logo umbrellas look unique and professional.
  4. Printed label: This option is often underused, but it's the perfect way to create fully customised logo umbrellas. Adding a woven label with your brand name or logo can make your promotional umbrellas look exclusive.
  5. All-over printing: If you want to make a bold statement, all-over printing is the ideal branding option for you. Promotional umbrellas with an all-over print can grab attention and make a lasting impression. Ordering larger quantities can make this option very cost-effective for those with strong branding criteria.

Marketing Ideas For your Branded Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas are a versatile and effective way to promote a brand. There are various ways to use custom umbrellas to market and advertise, such as in healthcare, finance and banking, education, sports and outdoor activities, and hospitality. Here are some ways to use custom umbrellas to promote a brand:

  1. Healthcare: Umbrellas are a popular promotional item in the healthcare industry. They can be given to doctors, nurses, and other employees as gifts or rewards. They can also be given away at charity events, such as golf outings, or sold in gift shops. Perhaps use them as rewards for new patient referrals, and as rewards for blood donations.
  2. Finance and Banking: Banks and other financial institutions have long used promotional products to entice customers and reward employees. Branded umbrellas work well in the financial industry as clients perceive them to have a higher value than other promotional items. They can be given to customers who open a new account, as giveaway items for salespeople, or as prizes at trade shows.
  3. Education: Custom umbrellas are a great way for schools to show off their school colours and mascots. They can be given to incoming students at orientation or sold in libraries or school stores. Local PTA and booster clubs can also use them as gifts to parents or teachers or as fundraising items
  4. Sports and Outdoor Activities: Umbrellas can be used to advertise at sporting events, such as golf outings or football games. They can be given away as souvenirs, sold in souvenir shops, used for fundraising for booster clubs, or given as free gifts to sponsors. They are perfect for anyone managing a local sports team, booster club, or amateur and professional sporting venues.
  5. Hospitality: Hotels and restaurants both have outdoor areas that are frequented by guests. Custom logo umbrellas can be used on the property to provide shade or shelter from the rain. They can also be given away as gifts or sold in gift shops.

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