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Custom Branded Lanyards With Your Logo

Lanyards are versatile accessories that serve multiple purposes, such as providing security, convenience, and identity. They can be used in a variety of settings, including conferences, events, and workplaces, and come in a broad range of styles, colours, materials, clips, and attachments. Lanyards are particularly useful for displaying company IDs and security cards, ensuring that they are visible and easily accessible. They have become a necessity item in corporate settings, symbolising recognition and authority while also serving practical purposes. Lanyards can be customised to suit various budgets and needs, with options ranging from simple screen-printed designs to more elaborate satin-backed or woven styles.

For companies with staff operating heavy machinery or involved in manufacturing, lanyards with quick-release safety clips can be a life-saving feature to consider. Overall, lanyards are a popular and cost-effective tool for carrying badges, IDs, keys, and other items, and are often required by companies for employees to keep their credentials on display. They are also an effective way to market brands to a large audience, especially in special events and expos, as they make wearers more approachable and recognisable.

Some Popular Lanyards

10mm Bootlace Lanyard
Manage your event with ease using Promotional 10mm Bootlace Lanyards, ideal for large shows and outdoor events.
from $2.25 to $1.10 ea
100 min.
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12mm Safety Black Lanyard
Opt for 12mm Safety Black Lanyards to ensure your organisation's compliance with health and safety regulations.
from $1.10 to $0.95 ea
100 min.
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15mm Poly/Satin Lanyard
Step into the world of luxury and style with Printed 15mm Poly/Satin Lanyards, feature a double-layer design for extra plushness.
from $2.24 to $1.19 ea
250 min.
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20mm Flat Woven Lanyard
Choose Custom 20mm Flat Woven Lanyards, where your logo takes center stage through elegant embroidery.
from $1.91 to $1.20 ea
500 min.
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20mm Reflective Tape Lanyard
Industrial sites demand safety, and our Promotional 20mm Reflective Tape Lanyards are the ideal solution.
from $2.32 to $1.27 ea
250 min.
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25mm Recycled PET Lanyard
Hang your image around clients' necks with our chic accessory Printed 25mm Recycled PET Lanyards.
from $1.80 to $1.20 ea
250 min.
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Dual Pocket Plastic Card Holder
Dual Pocket Plastic Card Holders offer dual functionality for prominent ID display and for supplementary items.
from $0.75 to $0.60 ea
250 min.
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Plain Hi Vis Orange Lanyard
Visitors to factories or building sites need our Plain Hi Vis Orange Lanyards, standing out in both light and darkness.
from $1.00 to $0.85 ea
100 min.
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Plain Reflex Blue Lanyard
Select Plain Reflex Blue Lanyards for your next upscale corporate event, setting a sophisticated tone as guests check in.
from $1.00 to $0.85 ea
100 min.
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Who Could Use Promotional Lanyards

There are plenty of places where lanyards are the perfect item to use

  1. Schools and University Lanyards are a convenient way for students and faculty members to carry their IDs in schools and universities. IDs remain visible and accessible, simplifying identification and access to school facilities.
  2. Business and Government Offices employees often wear lanyards to display their IDs. This practice ensures that staff members and visitors are easily identified, and access to restricted areas and information is controlled.
  3. Hospital Lanyards are a common sight in hospitals and health facilities, where they are worn by nurses, doctors, housekeeping staff, custodians, and managers. Some lanyards have antimicrobial properties to prevent the spread of infections.
  4. Events and Festival Lanyards are commonly used by staff members, essential employees, and special guests at events and concerts. They provide unrestricted access to all areas and can also be used for branding and promoting events.
  5. Press Lanyards are a recognizable feature among media personnel who wear badges that grant access to restricted areas.
  6. Sports Lanyards are often used in sports competitions to hold medals and ribbons, which display flag colours. Coaches, referees, and trainers also use lanyards to carry whistles and stopwatches.

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