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Mouse Mats

Custom printed mouse mats ensure that your customers and clients will always have your logo close at hand. Whether they are used at home or in the office, we have a variety to choose from including textured PVC to thicker fabric covered rubber with ergonomic inserts.

Our custom branded mouse mats make excellent tradeshow items and mail outs that can display your contact information, making it readily available at all times.

Some Popular Mouse Mats

Circular Support Gel Pad
Circular Support Gel Pads take the stress out of using a computer mouse and are comfortable to use.
from $21.63 to $12.32 ea
50 min.
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Floater Mouse Mat
Floater Mouse Mats are eye-catching and fun promotional mouse mats that your customers are sure to appreciate.
from $9.29 to $5.53 ea
250 min.
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Rectangular Sponge Backed Mouse Mat
Rectangular Sponge Backed Mouse Mats are a popular way to promote your corporate image.
from $5.37 to $1.96 ea
250 min.
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