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Travel Mugs

Travel Mugs will get your brand seen in and out of the office while helping the environment.

Travel mugs are an innovative way to get your brand noticed every time your customers get their daily cup of coffee or tea. Their reusability also does away with the need for disposable cups and will help to promote your company's eco-conscious image.

Whether you choose metal or plastic, PromotionsOnly NZ will work with you to make sure your company message is displayed for maximum effectiveness.

Some Popular Travel Mugs

Aspire Thermal Mug
Aspire Thermal Mugs are a sturdy 350ml double wall thermal mug and a great way to showcase your brand.
from $6.72 to $5.49 ea
50 min.
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Craigburn Travel Mug
Craigburn Travel Mugs are manufactured with a handle and a push on lock top lid.
from $10.94 to $9.24 ea
96 min.
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Mercury Thermal Mug
Mercury Thermal Mugs are double walled for better insulation and feature a screw on lid.
from $5.19 to $4.68 ea
48 min.
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Portable Thermal Mug
Portable Thermal Mug is a sturdy promotional cup.
from $15.19 to $12.09 ea
24 min.
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