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Custom Woven Lanyards

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15mm Flat Woven Lanyard
For long-lasting lanyards that can endure heavy use, our Custom 15mm Flat Woven Lanyards are the perfect choice.
from $1.91 to $1.20 ea
500 min.
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20mm Flat Woven Lanyard
Choose Custom 20mm Flat Woven Lanyards, where your logo takes center stage through elegant embroidery.
from $1.91 to $1.20 ea
500 min.
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25mm Flat Woven Lanyard
Custom 25mm Flat Woven Lanyards, made with embroidery, stylishly showcase your logo for classy brand promotion.
from $2.07 to $1.36 ea
500 min.
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20mm Executive Woven Lanyard
20mm Executive Woven Lanyards feature a satin layer that enhances your branding with fine embroidered detailing.
from $2.08 to $1.59 ea
500 min.
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25mm Executive Woven Lanyard
Promotional 25mm Executive Woven Lanyards offer 2-piece design to maintain sharp, non-reversed embroidered images.
from $2.20 to $1.71 ea
500 min.
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From Threads to Trends: Why Woven Lanyards Rule the ID Game

Woven Lanyards have become an essential accessory for identification purposes in various settings, including offices, conferences, schools, and events. They have gained popularity for their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. The below explores their production process, unique features, and the reasons why they are an excellent choice for ID purposes.

They are crafted using polyester threads. The production process begins with a design or logo being woven directly into the fabric using weaving machines. The design becomes an integral part of them, ensuring longevity and resistance to fading or peeling.

They are renowned for their exceptional durability. The polyester threads used in their construction are known for their strength and resistance to wear and tear. This makes them ideal for long-term use, as they can withstand daily use and maintain their integrity.

One of the key advantages of woven lanyards is their ability to incorporate intricate and detailed designs. Whether it's a company logo, text, or a combination of both, they offer excellent customisation options. The weaving process on the dual layer allows for fine details to be accurately reproduced, resulting in a professional and visually appealing ones.

Woven lanyards prioritise both comfort and safety. The soft and smooth texture of the fabric ensures a comfortable wearing experience for extended periods. Additionally, you can add a safety breakaway feature that releases them from the neck in case it gets caught or pulled forcefully, reducing the risk of injury.

They are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of ID purposes. They are commonly used for employee identification, conferences, trade shows, and promotional events in corporate settings. They can also be customised with additional features such as badge holders, retractable reels, or attachments for holding keys or mobile phones, enhancing their functionality.

They provide an excellent opportunity for branding and showcasing a professional image. By weaving logos, company names, or specific coloors into the fabric, organisations can effectively promote their brand identity. This branding visibility enhances brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression on clients, customers, and event attendees.

Despite their premium appearance and durability, they offer cost-effective solutions for ID purposes. Their longevity ensures that they can be used repeatedly without the need for frequent replacements, saving costs in the long run.

They offer a winning combination of durability, customisation options, comfort, and safety, making them an excellent choice for ID purposes. Their versatility and professional appearance make them suitable for a range of industries and events. Invest in woven lanyards for a reliable and visually appealing identification solution that represents your brand with pride.

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