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Magnetic Fridge Notepads

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70 x 140mm Magnetic Notepad
70 x 140mm Magnetic Notepads come with 25 pages, perfect for jotting down messages, shopping lists, and more.
from $4.70 to $2.26 ea
250 min.
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70 x 95mm Magnetic Notepad
Small but mighty, our Branded 70 x 95mm Magnetic Notepads are the ideal canvas for your messages.
from $4.96 to $2.95 ea
250 min.
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70 x 210mm Magnetic Notepad
95 x 140mm Magnetic Notepads are compact notepads with 25 pages, perfect for leaving messages and reminders.
from $5.16 to $2.68 ea
250 min.
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95 x 140mm Magnetic Notepad
95 x 140mm Magnetic Notepads are made from high-grade magnet material, securely adhere to surfaces like fridge doors.
from $5.51 to $3.07 ea
250 min.
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95 x 210mm Magnetic Notepad
Choose our Printed 95 x 210mm Magnetic Notepads to make a magnetic impression that sticks with your name and logo.
from $6.63 to $3.67 ea
250 min.
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145 x 145mm Magnetic Notepad
145 x 145mm Magnetic Notepads bring flair to any magnetic surface, be it a fridge door or an office cabinet.
from $6.72 to $3.86 ea
250 min.
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145 x 210mm Magnetic Notepad
145 x 210mm Magnetic Notepads adhere to fridges and various surfaces, thanks to high-grade commercial magnets.
from $9.08 to $5.09 ea
250 min.
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Get Creative and Stay Organised with Custom Printed Magnetic Fridge Notepads

Revolutionise your note-taking experience with our magnetic fridge notepads! They are designed to stick to your filling cabinet, providing an easily accessible surface for jotting down important reminders, to-do lists, or even shopping lists. With their custom printed designs, full-color CMYK printing, and magnetic backing, it offer a practical and eye-catching solution for staying organised.

Let's start with the materials and quality that set them apart. Each one is crafted with premium white 90gsm paper, ensuring a smooth and durable writing surface. The sturdy strawboard backing provides stability and support, making it easy to write on them even when it's attached to them. The combination of high-quality materials guarantees a premium note-taking experience that will stand the test of time.

One of the standout features is their customisability. With full-colour CMYK printing, you have the freedom to showcase your logo, message, or design in vibrant detail. Whether you want to promote your business, share important contact information, or add a touch of personalisation, they are the perfect choice. Every time someone reaches for a pen to write a note, they'll be greeted by your branded ones, increasing brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression.

The magnetic backing is a game-changer when it comes to convenience and accessibility. They are equipped with a magnet tab attached to the back, ensuring that they securely adhere to any magnetic surface, such as your filing cabinet. Say goodbye to misplaced notes or searching for a pen and paper when inspiration strikes. Choosing them, you can easily jot down important information, reminders, or grocery lists right on your filling cabinet, keeping everything in one central location.

They offer endless possibilities for use, making them suitable for various settings and purposes. In a home environment, they are ideal for creating a designated space for family notes, shopping lists, or even meal planning. In an office or workplace, they can be used for task lists, meeting reminders, or quick notes. Their flexibility allows them to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, keeping you organised and on top of your priorities.

Purchasing our magnetic fridge notepads in bulk offers great cost savings and makes them an economical choice for promotional giveaways or mail-out campaigns. With most of them featuring 25 sheets as standard, you can distribute them generously to clients, customers, or employees. By incorporating your logo or branding into the design, you provide a practical tool and increase brand visibility and recognition. They constantly remind you of your company's presence and create a positive association with your brand.

We understand the importance of timely delivery, especially when it comes to meeting your promotional needs. That's why we prioritise efficient production with a quick turnaround time of just two weeks. Whether you're planning a special event, launching a marketing campaign, or simply replenishing your stock, you can rely on us to deliver high-quality ones to your doorstep. We offer convenient delivery to anywhere in New Zealand, ensuring that your promotional items reach you promptly and securely.

They provide a practical and customisable solution for note-taking and organisation. With their premium paper, custom printing options, magnetic backing, and versatile applications, they are designed to enhance your daily routine. Whether used at home or in an office environment, they offer a convenient way to stay organized, jot down reminders, or even leave messages for your loved ones. So why wait? Elevate your note-taking experience and promote your brand with our magnetic fridge notepads today!

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