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Custom Piggy Banks & Money Boxes

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Polystyrene Mini Piggy Bank
Printed Polystyrene Mini Piggy Banks are available in charming transparent red or blue options.
from $2.40 to $1.90 ea
250 min.
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Mini Eco Piggy Coin Bank
Printed Mini Eco Piggy Coin Banks, perfect giveaways for banks and building societies feature a removable button.
from $2.49 to $2.04 ea
250 min.
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Micro Piggy Bank
Branded Micro Piggy Banks, the perfect tool to inspire a love for saving in children feature a removable nose cone.
from $4.02 to $3.04 ea
100 min.
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Silver Piggy Bank
The Promotional Silver Piggy Banks are an ideal gift for both seasoned savers and valued bank customers.
from $5.64 to $4.81 ea
100 min.
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Wheat Husk Piggy Bank
Encourage sustainable saving habits with Wheat Husk Piggy Banks,crafted from a blend of Polypropylene and Wheat Husk.
from $6.69 to $5.44 ea
50 min.
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Charlotte Piggy Bank
Choose the Customised Charlotte Piggy Banks to promote financial responsibility and make saving fun for kids.
from $7.46 to $6.14 ea
50 min.
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Teach the Value of Saving with Custom Piggy Banks

Custom piggy banks offer an engaging and enjoyable way for kids to learn about the value of money. Instilling the habit of saving money is a vital skill that can benefit children throughout their lives. They are popular promotional products in the banking industry and find their place in educational businesses, offices, retail shops, and homes. With their adorable designs and the option to add your custom logo, they make the perfect promotional gift for kids. It is important to encourage saving habits in children and can effectively serve as tools for financial education.

Children learn best when they are engaged in fun and interactive activities. They provide an excellent opportunity to introduce financial literacy in a playful manner. By making saving money fun, kids are more likely to develop a positive attitude towards money management. As they drop their coins into them and watch their savings grow, they gain a sense of accomplishment and begin understanding the concept of delayed gratification. They turn saving into a tangible and rewarding experience, setting the foundation for responsible financial habits in the future.

While the banking industry widely uses custom piggy banks as promotional items, their versatility extends to various settings. Educational businesses can incorporate them into their financial literacy programs, teaching children about budgeting, goal-setting, and saving for the future. Offices and retail shops can also utilise them as decorative pieces that promote the value of saving and financial responsibility. These cute ones make a charming addition to any space, whether it's an office desk, a bank service branch, a retail store, or even a child's bedroom at home. Their presence is a constant reminder to prioritise saving and managing money wisely.

Piggy banks offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to enhance brand exposure and create a lasting connection with their target audience. Companies can maximise their brand visibility by adding a custom logo to them. Children will interact with them daily, constantly being reminded of the brand behind the gift. Moreover, when kids proudly display their personalised ones at home or show them to friends and family, it sparks conversations and further spreads brand awareness. This continuous exposure fosters a strong association between the brand and the positive experience of saving money, creating a lasting impression and potential customer loyalty.

By gifting them, businesses play a role in shaping the financial mindset of children. These promotional items reinforce the importance of saving, teaching kids to be mindful of spending and plan for the future. They provide a safe and tangible space for children to accumulate their savings, instilling a sense of responsibility and ownership over their financial decisions. As children grow older, the lessons learned through using a them can translate into sound financial practices, such as setting savings goals and budgeting.

They are not only adorable and engaging, but they also serve as valuable tools for teaching children the value of saving money. By incorporating a custom logo, they become powerful promotional gifts that reinforce brand recognition while encouraging financial responsibility. Whether used by the banking industry, educational businesses, offices, retail shops, or homes, they impact children's financial education.

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