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Promotional Sharpeners

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Dual Wooden Pencil Sharpener
Sharpen your brand image with Printed Dual Wooden Pencil Sharpeners, an essential for school or the workplace.
from $1.00 to $0.82 ea
250 min.
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Dual Pencil Sharpener & Eraser
Branded Dual Pencil Sharpeners & Erasers are the ultimate stationery companion in black or white.
from $1.06 to $0.88 ea
250 min.
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Flip Top Pencil Sharpener
Personalised Flip Top Pencil Sharpeners, the ultimate tool for keeping your desk tidy while achieving a perfect pencil point.
from $1.11 to $0.96 ea
500 min.
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Double Pencil Sharpener
Personalised Double Pencil Sharpeners are thoughtfully designed with two blades, a must-have tool for students.
from $1.34 to $0.61 ea
250 min.
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Carpenter Pencil Sharpener
Get ready to sharpen like a pro with the awesome Carpenter Pencil Sharpeners in stylish blue, fiery red, or sleek black.
from $1.83 to $1.51 ea
100 min.
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Bamboo Pencil Sharpener
Bamboo Pencil Sharpener is the epitome of thoughtful design that pays homage to both aesthetics and utility.
from $4.53 to $3.96 ea
100 min.
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Sharpen Your Brand with Custom Printed Promotional Sharpeners

Promotional sharpeners are more than just practical tools for keeping your pencils sharp. They serve as valuable promotional items that can effectively showcase your brand and leave a lasting impression on recipients. Whether you're targeting office staff, artists, kids, university students, or individuals of all ages, they make for excellent, well-received giveaways.

When it comes to promoting office or school supplies, they are a perfect choice. These small yet essential tools are used by people of all ages and professions, making them versatile promotional items. Whether in a professional setting or an educational environment, a branded ones can be a constant reminder of your brand and its commitment to quality.

One of their key advantages is their affordability and ease of customisation. They are inexpensive to buy in bulk, allowing you to reach a larger audience without straining your marketing budget. Additionally, they are easy to brand with your logo or advertising message through pad printing or full colour digital printing. These printing techniques ensure a clean and crisp representation of your brand, creating a professional and eye-catching promotional item.

The versatility of promotional sharpeners makes them suitable for various promotional activities. For example, including them in job fair goodie bags can attract attention and make a positive impression on job seekers. These individuals will appreciate their practicality and associate your brand with thoughtfulness and attention to detail. You establish a connection and increase brand recall by providing a useful item that they can use daily.

Office staff and professionals also greatly benefit from them. Having them at hand is essential for maintaining precision and productivity, whether in a corporate setting or a home office. By providing them to office staff, you enhance their work experience and reinforce your brand's presence in their daily lives. Each time they used them, they will be reminded of your brand's commitment to quality and functionality.

Both professional and aspiring artists will also appreciate the value of them. Whether they're sketching, drawing, or colouring, artists rely on sharp pencils for their creative endeavours. By offering them, you demonstrate your support for their artistic pursuits and become a trusted companion in their creative process. This positive association strengthens brand loyalty and may increase engagement and word-of-mouth referrals within the artistic community.

Custom sharpeners are not limited to professional settings. They are also popular among students at all levels of education. Students from elementary schools to universities rely on them for note-taking, exams, and artistic projects. By providing them to students, you align your brand with education and demonstrate your commitment to supporting their academic journey. These small gestures can go a long way in building a positive brand image among students, teachers, and educational institutions.

Their portability makes them convenient for individuals on the go. Whether it's in a pencil case, a backpack, or a briefcase, a compact one can easily be carried around, ensuring a sharp pencil is always within reach. By distributing them to your target audience, you enable them to showcase your brand wherever they go, increasing brand visibility and exposure.

They are highly effective tools for brand promotion. Their affordability, practicality, and ease of customisation make them ideal for giveaways and promotional activities. Whether you're targeting office staff, artists, students, or individuals of all ages, they serve as tangible reminders of your brand's commitment to quality and functionality. Incorporating them into your marketing strategy can enhance brand visibility, foster positive associations, and ultimately drive business growth. So why wait?

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