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Custom Printed Food & Drink Stressballs

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Crack open some stress relief with Branded Egg Squeezy Stress Shapes, perfect for items at farmer's markets.
from $1.51 to $0.92 ea
100 min.
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Doughnut Stress Shape
Doughnut Stress Shapes are a delightful way to promote your store or bakery, available in yellow or brown colour.
from $2.30 to $1.49 ea
100 min.
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Wine Bottle Stress Toy
Wine Bottle Stress Toys are complete with a cork and a white label featuring a blue bottle.
from $3.24 to $2.30 ea
100 min.
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Bread Slice Stress Reliever
Bread Slice Stress Relievers measure 85mm x 97mm x 15mm, perfect for customising with your business name.
from $3.26 to $2.30 ea
100 min.
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Anti Stress Hamburger Shape
Anti Stress Hamburger Shapes are perfect for the opening of a new café, enticing customers with their irresistible charm.
from $3.64 to $2.59 ea
100 min.
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Tea Cup Stress Reliever
Tea Cup Stress Relievers are the perfect size, measuring 90mm x 70mm x 40mm, an ideal show bag fillers for trade events.
from $3.73 to $2.66 ea
100 min.
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Hot Dog Stress Reliever
Hot Dog Stress Relievers are designed to look like the real thing, making them a standout giveaway item.
from $4.09 to $2.93 ea
100 min.
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Ice Cream Stress Toy
Ice Cream Stress Toys are an imaginative promotional item, especially suited for ice-cream shops or dairy trade events.
from $4.54 to $3.25 ea
100 min.
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Coffee Cup Stress Shape
Coffee Cup Stress Shapes can be customised with your cafe's logo and brand name, creating a unique giveaway.
from $4.86 to $3.50 ea
100 min.
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Anti-Stress Drinks, Food & More

If you're looking for a novelty promo gift that's perfect for companies in the food & beverage industry, Food & Drink Stress Shapes are the way to go. This section offers a variety of shapes, including a Hot Dog, Wine Bottle, and Hamburger, all made from high-quality polyurethane material that's fun to squeeze and release. Plus, we can custom print any of these shapes with your logo or design to add a personal touch to your promotion. They are on everyone's minds at least three times a day, making them doubly effective. Not only are they appealing to people with an interest in food and drink, but they can also provide therapeutic relief for those trying to cut back. Check out our range of food-oriented products and find the perfect item to appeal to your business contacts or challenge them to try something new.

How To Use Anti-Stress Food & Drink Shapes For Promotions

A stress toy shaped like them can offer recipients a fun and relaxing way to release tension in their hand and wrist muscles, which can contribute to improved health. By imprinting a brand's logo on these toys, companies can associate themselves with this feeling of relaxation in consumers' minds, while also reminding them of their business. They are useful for any industry related agriculture, winemaking, and food service. In addition to the visible logo, the toy's physical shape reinforces the brand's message. Since they are affordable, they make a great promotional item for companies looking to market themselves inexpensively, even if they want to distribute them widely. These toys can be given as standalone gifts or included in a larger gift package.

Fast Delivery Or Big Savings With One Month Wait.

Our factory partner keeps Logo Branded Anti-Stress Drink & Food Shapes in stock for quick delivery. You can have most of these promotional giveaways printed and shipped within two weeks, or you can order them on a 5-week despatch to save big time. Prices shown are for our standard 10 working day service. but if you are on a tight budget and have the time, ask us for a quote on our Factory Direct Service.

Our experienced staff is always available to guide you on which ones would suit your brand the best and to see if we can help you save money with a longer supply time from China. Call us on 0800 776661 to start your inquiry!

Logo Printing Options for Food & Drink Stress Toys: We can direct print all the locally stocked items shown here with 1, 2, 3, or 4 colours of your choice. Every additional colour adds to the cost. However, it's important to note that due to complexity, not all logos are printed with pad printing. For highly detailed art, we use a different method called transfers which allow for high detail and where multiple colours are involved they can be cheaper

Logo Transfers allow us to recreate your art in unlimited colours. Call or email us to discuss your requirements, and our expert advice is always free and designed to give you the best results!

When it comes to artwork, always remember that simple designs work better and are more effective than crowded and busy designs when custom branding stress toys!

Call us anytime: New Zealand Custom Service Hotline: 0800 776661

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