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Confectionery Filled Kraft Paper Bags

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50g Jelly Beans In Kraft Paper Bag
Branded 50g Jelly Beans in Kraft Paper Bags, available in charming brown or white colours.
from $3.41 to $2.09 ea
100 min.
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50g Mints In Kraft Paper Bag
Experience the refreshing burst of our 50g Mints in Kraft Paper Bags, personalised with your own logo sticker.
from $3.63 to $2.03 ea
100 min.
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50g Skittles In Kraft Paper Bag
Branded 50g Skittles in Kraft Paper Bags, bursting with a vibrant assortment of colours in white or brown paper bags.
from $4.45 to $2.73 ea
100 min.
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50g Choc Beans In Kraft Paper Bag
50g Choc Beans in Kraft Paper Bags offer a creative opportunity to showcase your brand colours.
from $4.45 to $2.88 ea
100 min.
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50g Chewy Fruits In Kraft Paper Bag
Printed 50g Chewy Fruits in Kraft Paper Bags in variety of mouthwatering flavours-plastic-free and recyclable.
from $4.54 to $1.88 ea
100 min.
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50g M&M's In Kraft Paper Bag
Discover the irresistible charm of our Custom 50g M&Ms in Kraft Paper Bags, the perfect gift for customers or students.
from $4.79 to $3.04 ea
100 min.
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The Power of Custom Kraft Paper Bags and Delectable Confectionery

Custom kraft paper bags filled with delectable confectionery perfectly balance functionality, brand visibility, and a touch of sweetness. These compact and convenient bags offer a wide selection of tasty treats, providing an excellent opportunity to promote your brand while satisfying people's cravings. These bags are the perfect promotional item for any event with choices like chewy fruits, jelly beans, mints, and more. Discover why they are the go-to choice for giveaways.

When it comes to delighting taste buds, variety is key. The range of options available ensures there's something to please every palate. Whether you prefer the fruity chewiness of chewy fruits, the colourful burst of flavour from jelly beans, or the refreshing sensation of mints, these bags offer a delightful assortment of treats. Each bag is filled with your choice of treats, allowing you to tailor the selection to suit your target audience and their preferences. This personalisation adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness, making the giveaway even more memorable.

Promoting your brand is effortless with custom sticker branding on the outside. The sticker serves as a blank canvas for your logo, message, or design, allowing you to create a visually appealing and impactful promotional item. With your branding prominently displayed, they  become a portable advertising medium, spreading your message wherever they go. Whether they're carried in purses, pockets, or displayed on desks, these bags will catch the attention of others and create brand recognition. It's an effective and cost-efficient way to increase visibility and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Their compact size makes them a practical choice for on-the-go snacking. They are designed to fit easily in purses, pockets, or even the palm of your hand, ensuring that your customers can carry them effortlessly. This portability makes them an ideal companion for busy individuals, allowing them to enjoy a sweet treat whenever they desire. The convenience of these bags makes them a hit at promotional events, where attendees can easily grab a bag and continue exploring the event while indulging in their favourite sweets.

In an era where environmental sustainability is a growing concern, they offer an eco-friendly choice. They are made from durable and biodegradable kraft paper, ensuring your promotional efforts align with sustainable practices. By opting for plastic-free and recyclable bags, you demonstrate your commitment to reducing plastic waste and conserving the environment. This conscious choice resonates with eco-conscious customers and enhances your brand's reputation as a responsible and socially aware entity.

Customisation extends beyond the selection and branding. They are available in two classic options: white or brown. The choice of bag colour allows you to tailor the presentation further to match your brand aesthetics or event theme. Whether you opt for the clean and timeless look of white or the rustic and earthy charm of brown, they will exude a sense of style and quality that aligns with your brand image.

Worried about the shelf life of your promotional confectionery? Fear not! They come with a generous best-before period of 12 months. This ensures that your promotional items can be ordered in advance and distributed at various events without concerns about expiration dates. The extended shelf life allows for flexibility and peace of mind, knowing that your giveaways will remain fresh and enjoyable for your recipients.

Custom kraft paper bags filled with confectionery offers a delightful and effective promotional solution. With their wide selection of treats, custom sticker branding, compact size, eco-friendly composition, and long shelf life, these bags are a practical and memorable way to promote your brand. Whether at trade shows, events, or as part of a gift package, the appeal of these sweet giveaways is undeniable. So, go ahead and explore the possibilities of custom kraft paper bags filled with confectionery for your next promotional campaign.

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