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Promotional Skittles

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25g Skittles Flip Lid Cardboard Box
Customisable 25g Skittles Flip Lid Cardboard Boxes, designed to showcase your team's name or business logo.
from $3.19 to $1.84 ea
100 min.
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25g Skittles Cello Bag
Promotional 25g Skittles Cello Bags are filled with an assortment of mixed-coloured Skittles.
from $3.22 to $1.52 ea
100 min.
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50g Skittles Cello Bag
50g Skittles Cello Bags offer the perfect canvas to showcase your own branding, available in mixed colours.
from $3.59 to $2.14 ea
100 min.
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20g Skittles In Plastic Syringe
20g Skittles In Plastic Syringes are filled with multicoloured skittles, great for medical professionals and events.
from $3.81 to $2.47 ea
100 min.
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35g Flip Top Tube Skittles
35g Flip Top Tube Skittles with clear plastic tubes and filled with delicious mixed-colour skittles.
from $4.13 to $2.82 ea
100 min.
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Baby Bottles Skittles
Capture the attention of potential customers at trade expos or conventions with our custom Baby Bottles Skittles.
from $4.47 to $3.15 ea
100 min.
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30g Skittles In Small Rectangle Tin
Branded 30g Skittles in Small Rectangle Tins, perfect choice for a fun and customisable gifts at kiddies parties.
from $4.54 to $3.01 ea
100 min.
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Skittles Coffee Cup
Skittles Coffee Cups come in brown or white and can be ordered in larger quantities to suit your needs.
from $5.01 to $3.72 ea
100 min.
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Skittles 60g Hard Cube
Printed Skittles 60g Hard Cubes are filled with a bag of multi-coloured skittles.
from $5.05 to $3.62 ea
100 min.
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Skittles Test Tube
Printed Skittles Test Tubes are a delicious and budget-friendly promotional item and are perfect for a variety of occasions.
from $5.35 to $3.59 ea
100 min.
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CarryOn Case With Skittles
CarryOn Case With Skittles perfect giveaways for trade shows, expos and events in bulk for cost-effective marketing.
from $5.62 to $4.01 ea
100 min.
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100g Skittles Cello Bag
Discover the captivating power of 100g Skittles Cello Bags, perfect for showcasing your branding in style.
from $5.86 to $3.98 ea
100 min.
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Full Colour Printed Bizcard Box With 50g Skittles
Printed Full Colour Bizcard Boxes with 50g Skittles come in a clear, cello bag and compact box.
from $6.11 to $4.66 ea
1000 min.
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100g Skittles In Tube
Printed 100g Skittles in Tubes are filled with an assortment of tasty, crunchy candies to advertise your brand.
from $6.99 to $5.47 ea
100 min.
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100g Skittles Soda Bottle
Our 100g Skittles Soda Bottles come with a customised label featuring your business logo and message.
from $7.30 to $5.80 ea
100 min.
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Skittles Light Bulb
Experience the delightful fusion of light bulbs and the vibrant flavours of Skittles with our Printed Skittles Light Bulbs.
from $7.83 to $5.89 ea
100 min.
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180g Skittles In Small PVC Bucket
Logo 180g Skittles in Small PVC Buckets can stay fresh for up to 12 months with assorted colours.
from $14.77 to $12.59 ea
100 min.
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Promotional Skittles Will Sweeten Your Promotions

In the realm of promotional gifts, few treats capture the hearts and taste buds of recipients quite like promotional Skittles. These delectable candies offer a burst of fruity flavours and a vibrant packaging that can be customised to suit any occasion. From small cello bags for larger events to unique containers shaped like light bulbs or soda bottles, there is a packaging option to satisfy every craving. With the ability to brand these treats with a full-colour digitally printed sticker, your logo and message will truly "pop" and leave a lasting impression.

They offer a delightful explosion of flavours that tantalise the taste buds. With their iconic assortment of fruity tastes, these candies bring a sense of joy and nostalgia to anyone who enjoys them. By incorporating them into your campaign, you tap into the power of indulgence and create a memorable experience for your recipients.

One of their remarkable features is the wide range of packaging options available. Whether you're organising a large-scale event or seeking a unique giveaway, there is a packaging solution to suit your needs. Small cello bags provide a cost-effective choice for bulk promotions, while unconventional containers like light bulbs or soda bottles add a touch of creativity and surprise. The packaging becomes part of the advertising experience, enhancing brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression.

With Skittles, your branding takes centre stage. Each package can be adorned with a full-colour digitally printed sticker, allowing your logo and message to "pop" and grab attention. Their vibrant colours and playful nature complement the customisation options, creating a visually appealing marketing item that stands out in the crowd. This branding opportunity ensures that your logo and message are not only savoured but also remembered long after they have been enjoyed.

Theu serve as an ideal small welcome gift for clients or treats for staff. Offering these delightful candies as a gesture of appreciation in a client's office instantly creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. As staff members indulge in these tasty treats, your brand becomes associated with moments of enjoyment and gratitude. Their small size allows for easy distribution, making them a convenient choice for corporate events, trade shows, or conferences.

One of the unique characteristics of Skittles is their ability to create moments of joy and connection. These colourful candies are often shared among friends, family, and colleagues, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. By providing them, you encourage these shared experiences, allowing your brand to become a part of cherished memories. Whether enjoyed during breaks, gatherings, or moments of celebration, they foster positive associations and strengthen the bond between your brand and its recipients.

Promotional Skittles offer a delectable and versatile way to sweeten your marketing efforts. Their wide range of packaging options and eye-catching branding opportunities ensure that your logo and message stand out in a crowded market. From small cello bags to unique containers, the packaging itself becomes an experience for recipients. Incorporating them into your promotional campaign creates a memorable and shareable treat that brings joy and delight. As clients and staff savor these fruity candies, your brand gains visibility and becomes associated with moments of enjoyment.

Short History Of Skittles

It was first originated in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s. A British confectionery company initially produced them called Mars Limited (now known as Mars, Incorporated). Inspired by British pastimes, the candies were named "Skittles" after the traditional game of skittles, which involves knocking down pins with a ball.

In 1979, they made their way across the Atlantic and were introduced to the United States. Mars, Incorporated launched them in the U.S. market and aimed to capture the American sweet tooth with their vibrant colours and fruit flavours.

Over the years, they expanded their flavour offerings to include a variety of fruit combinations. The original flavours included orange, lemon, lime, grape, and strawberry. Later, new flavours such as green apple, watermelon, cherry, and tropical fruit were introduced, allowing consumers to enjoy an even wider range of taste sensations.

In the 1980s, they adopted the iconic slogan "Taste the Rainbow." This catchphrase became synonymous with the brand and emphasised the diversity of flavours and colours within each pack. The rainbow-coloured candies became an integral part of their identity, distinguishing them from other confectioneries on the market.

Their popularity continued to grow worldwide, becoming a beloved confectionery brand in many countries. The candy's success can be attributed not only to its delicious taste but also to its innovative and memorable marketing campaigns. Their commercials and advertisements often feature whimsical and humorous scenarios, further cementing the brand's fun, quirky, and enjoyable reputation.

They had continued to innovate and expand its product line in recent years. Limited-edition flavours and collaborations with popular brands or franchises have created a buzz among consumers, making them a sought-after treat for candy enthusiasts.

Its  journey from its origins in the United Kingdom to its global prominence showcases the power of delicious flavours, vibrant colours, and clever marketing. With its distinctive fruity taste and playful branding, it has secured a special place in the hearts of candy lovers worldwide. As the brand continues to evolve and captivate new generations of consumers, they remains a delightful and colourful confectionery that brings joy and sweetness to people's lives.

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