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Soda Bottles Filled With Confectionery

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100g Chewy Fruits Soda Bottle
100g Chewy Fruits Soda Bottles are filled with fruit-flavoured chewy sweets that will tantalise your taste buds.
from $6.15 to $4.78 ea
100 min.
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100g Mints in Soda Bottle
Indulge your customers in a refreshing and minty experience with our Mints in Soda Bottles, adorned with your logo.
from $6.15 to $4.78 ea
100 min.
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Jelly Beans in Soda Bottle
Jelly Beans in Soda Bottles are carefully stored in a customisable soda bottle with a silver screw cap.
from $6.28 to $5.02 ea
100 min.
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100g Skittles Soda Bottle
Our 100g Skittles Soda Bottles come with a customised label featuring your business logo and message.
from $7.30 to $5.80 ea
100 min.
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100g Choc Beans Soda Bottle
100g Choc Beans Soda Bottles come filled with 100g of assorted coated chocolates, both delicious and visually appealing.
from $7.61 to $6.15 ea
100 min.
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M&M Filled Soda Bottle
M&M’s Filled Soda Bottles are customisable bottles, presented in a clear soda bottle with a silver screw cap.
from $7.61 to $6.15 ea
100 min.
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Fizz and Fun: Sweet Sips in a Bottle!

Soda-shaped bottles filled with delectable confectionery are an ingenious way to promote your business. These novelty bottles, reminiscent of everyone's favourite fizzy drinks, are filled with a variety of mouthwatering treats that are sure to delight your customers. With options ranging from jelly beans and skittles to chewy fruits, mints, choc beans, and M&Ms, there's a choice to satisfy every taste bud.

What sets theme apart is not just their tasty contents but also their branding potential. They provide a generous surface area for showcasing your custom logo and message. With a full-colour sticker affixed to each one, your brand will be prominently displayed every time your customers reach for a sweet treat.

The screw tops ensure that the confectionery stays fresh and flavorful, making them a long-lasting and memorable promotional item. Whether you hand them out at trade shows, events, or as part of a customer appreciation package, these soda-shaped bottles are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Imagine the delight on your customers' faces as they unscrew the cap and discover a delightful assortment of candies inside. The combination of novelty packaging and delicious sweet creates a unique and enjoyable experience that will be associated with your brand. It's a playful and effective way to leave a positive impression on your target audience.

Not only do these soda-shaped bottles make for a delightful treat, but they also offer practicality and convenience. Their compact size makes them easy to carry and share, allowing your customers to enjoy their favourite candies on the go. Whether they're indulging in a sweet pick-me-up during a busy day or sharing the joy with friends and colleagues, your brand will be right there, enhancing the experience.

Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of businesses and occasions. They can be used as promotional giveaways, employee incentives, event favours, or even as part of a gift basket. Their eye-catching design and tempting contents make them an excellent choice for boosting brand visibility and creating a positive brand association.

By incorporating them into your marketing strategy, you're not just offering a tasty treat – you're creating a memorable brand experience. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity of this promotional item, and they will associate your brand with enjoyment and satisfaction.

Soda-shaped bottles filled with confectionery offer a unique and effective way to promote your business. With a wide variety of confectionery options and ample branding space, they are sure to catch the attention of your target audience. Whether you're looking to leave a lasting impression at trade shows, events, or simply want to surprise and delight your customers, they are the perfect choice. So, pop the top, indulge in the sweetness, and watch your brand soar to new heights.

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